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Art Seen Solo at ILA

On view at ILA Gallery in south Denver, I'm happy and honored to present Art Seen, an intimate solo exhibition of linocut monotype prints based on my years of documenting the Denver art scene. It's a love letter of sorts to the art community that means so much to me. On view June 10 - July 2. Special thanks to Anthony Garcia, Sr. for collaborating with me on a full-color run of my "Pulling Tape" print. Extra special thanks to printmaker extraordinaire and owner of Little Drop Print Shop Emily Moyer for her amazing help in getting this show together (e.g. teaching me new methods, proper techniques, offering her shop for my use, and for her unwavering support and critical feedback.)


Opening Reception: Friday, June 10, 6 - 10 PM

Collaboration and B.A.E. (Beats Art Eats) Event: Saturday, June 25, 3 - 10 PM



A star alone is just a point in space, but grouping stars together makes constellations. Constellations are special because they provide narrative, acting as visual guides for our terrestrial and spatial travels. In their relative locations, they anchor us (light years away) to another time and space. And as time passes, the universe expands, and those constellations (those special collections of stars) move farther from us. We know this because their color changes. It's something we can observe and measure. Their light appears to us a little more red due to an increase in wavelength of electromagnetic radiation (light) that occurs over great distances. This phenomenon is called red-shifting.

I have been a part of the Denver art scene for around 10 years, and in that time I have had the great pleasure and privilege of seeing the trajectories of so many wonderful and talented artists. So many stars rise, and sadly some fall. But at least I got to witness them in special moments. Initially frozen in time and space by my camera (as part of my 1 of 1 Magazine endeavors), over the years I've created linocut block prints based on these observations. These are people doing beautiful things in places that still stand and in places long replaced (but not forgotten). They're all stars to me - the creators, supporters, and fellow observers who make our Denver art scene what it is. And together these groups of individuals form constellations. Though time and space pull these memories farther away from us, red-shifting into the great beyond, they'll always be carved in my head and heart, and inked with all the love, blood, and soul that I can muster. This is Denver's Art Seen. - Raymundo Muñoz


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