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Raymundo Muñoz


Raymundo Muñoz was born and raised in El Paso, TX, but has made Colorado his home since 1999. He received education at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and University of Colorado-Denver, where he received a B.S. with Honors in Biology.

Art was always more his thing, though, and now devotes his life to making it and promoting it. He’s a linocut printmaker, musician, and photographer, but does enjoy other drawing-based media and sculpture. He finds eternal fascination in the order and chaos dynamic, often expressed through the filters of nature and family/social relationships.

He shows in various spaces around town and is the director/co-founder/co-curator at Alto Gallery. Raymundo is Editor-in-chief/writer/photographer for 1 of 1 Magazine, an art blog dedicated to highlighting, promoting, and documenting the contemporary visual art scene in and around Denver. He’s also an active board member of Birdseed Collective, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to improving the lives of surrounding communities through arts, education, and food programs.

Above all, Raymundo is guided by the simple principle that art is a bridge, and that its greatest function is to connect people across time and space.





2000 - 2002 - St. Mary's University 


2002 - 2007 - Community College of Denver


2007 - 2010 - B.S. in Biology from University of Colorado-Denver 






Rotating solo show at Sushi Den -

Boulder, - Denver, and - Cherry Creek





"Collaboration Dos" group show at Unit-E Gallery


​Birdseed Collective's "100 on 100" group show




Frequent exhibitor at Teller St. Gallery


​Birdseed Collective's "100 on 100" group show


​"Working Class" group show at Crimson Hilt


"12 x 12" group show at Crimson Hilt





Birdseed Collective's "100 on 100" group show


"Instant Gratification" group show at Love Gallery


Frequent exhibitor at Art Lounge


"Repeat After Me" group show at Crimson Hilt


"Working Class 2" group show at Crimson Hilt


"Carbon" group show at Sally Centigrade


"Screenplay" group show at Helikon Gallery





"Monkey Business" group show at Valkarie Gallery


"Mirror, Mirror" juried group show at Valkarie Gallery (guest juror and artist)


"Natural Patterns" group show at Crimson Hilt


"100 on 100" at Alto Gallery


"Freaks and Nature" with John Vogl (curated by Cayce Goldberg) at Sally Centigrade 


Solo show at Pablo's Coffee


"Gameplay" group show at Helikon Gallery


"Rush Before the Reaping" trio show




"Cock of the Walk" group show at Valkarie Gallery


"100+" group show at Gart Sports Castle


“Beneath the Skin” group show at Sally Centigrade


Zuni49 Holiday Art Sale


Holiday Ornaments group show at Sally Centigrade



Rino Dental inaugural group show


“Lifestyle III: Shrines” group show at ABC Custom Framing


“Every Dog Has Its Day” at Valkarie Gallery


“A Soul’s Wandering” at Valkerie Gallery


“Letting Go” group show at Alto Gallery


“Audio/Visual” at Helikon Gallery


“Alter Salon No. 1” at Zuni49


“100+” group show at Denver County Fair


“Mile High Mix Tape Vol. I” group show


“Hometown Heroes” group show at Helikon Gallery


Group show at The Waiting Room Gallery


“Juicy Editions” group show at Juice Box



“Art of the State” at Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities


Littletopia at the LA Art Show (via Sally Centigrade Gallery)


“Editions II” group show at Helikon Gallery


Year of the Pig Show at Valkarie Gallery


Group show at Millers & Rossi


“ANIMALS2” at Alto Gallery


Harvest Moon yard art group show at Claude Haus


“All Good Things” at Helikon Gallery



Year of the Rat group show at Valkarie Gallery


“Black Ink” fundraiser group show at TRVE Brewing


“Street Views” group show at Alto Gallery 


Treasure Chest wall at Pirate Contemporary Art


Art Bodega at Dateline


“Art Claw” commission for Understudy



“Post Cards Show” at Pablo’s Coffee


“All Together Now” group show at Firehouse Art Center


"Print Portfolio" at Denver Botanic Gardens

"Print Jam" at Denver Art Museum

"Folding Space" solo at Alto Gallery

"Art Seen" solo at ILA Gallery

"back2school" group show at Friend of A Friend Gallery

"One Sheet" group show at Arvada Center

RedLine Gala art sale at RiNo ArtPark


"Gravitropic" residents group show at RedLine Contemporary Art Center


2014 - 2016 - Co-curator for Crimson Hilt


2015 - Guest curator for "Spark & Ruin" group show at Helikon Gallery


2016 - present - Co-founder/Director/Co-curator for Alto Gallery


2013 - current -Publisher, Editor-in-chief, writer, photographer for 1of1 Magazine art blog

2023 - DARIA Magazine - "Dancing in the Diaspora" Review 

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